Early Macedonian Phalanx

I could not pass up on these excellent figures painted by Olicana provided by Justin Taylor of Veni Vidi Vici

Bronze Goat Macedonian phalanx with Veni Vedi Vici   (VVV) decals and pikes

When Philip II reorganized the Macedonian army it is highly possible that many of the phalangites (now called foot companions) went into battle unarmored. Their only defense was their interlocking pikes, and small bronze faced shield and maybe helmets. Later cheaply made greaves were strapped on, and once victories piled up and the money flowed into Philip's coffers, his soldiers became better armored.

Miniatures: Bronze Goat Enterprizes     Painting: Olicana Painting Services
Decals: VVV GG6 Macedonian Star & Surround     Pikes: VVV 10cm brass spears

The above BronzeGoat 28mm figures are from the collection of Justin Taylor and show a vision of the early unarmored phalangite. These models were professionally painted by Olicana Painting Services and reveal how magnificent a pike phalanx can look in 28mm with new figures. The phalangites here are hardly more heavily armed than peltasts, and during sieges and skirmishes they could exchange their pikes for javelins and operate as skirmishers or laborers or assualt troops... this  gave Philip and Alexander incredible flexibility, as their army was immediately able to swtich to siege operations upon arrival at a city that resisted.


Newline Designs Macedonian phalanx with VVV decals and pikes

Below is a Newline Designs 28mm light armored phalanx.  This shows the phalanx armed as usual once armor was readily available. Offcers amy have been able to have heavier cuirasses, and since all the front ranks were officers of varying rank, they may have all been armored with metal chestplates at least in the front.

Miniatures: Newline Designs       Painting: Olicana Painting Services
Decals: VVV HT04 (20mm) Macedonian Star    Pikes: VVV 10cm brass spears



Thanks again to Justin Taylor of Veni Vidi Vici for sharing these cool images,
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