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Welcome to AncientBattles.Com.
It has been awhile since I have had time to visit the page and do some updates. So many things to add! The good news is the ftp is now up to
date and all the buttons and connections have been dusted off, so I will be able to do some cool additions soon (with less time devoted to under the hood nonsense). is a place to find information on wargaming with military miniatures and ancient military history, but mostly the era of Alexander the Great, the armies of his enemies,  and his Early and Later Successors.
Also included on the site are tips on how to paint miniature soldiers by
Jeff Jonas and others such as Allen Curtis, and lots and lots of photos!  
Unless it is noted otherwise these miniatures are all painted and
assembled by yours truly.

Enjoy the pictures, and your games!

Thanks for all your support for this website over the years.

Jeff Jonas

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28mm Scythed Chariot Gripping Beast

Seleucid Scythed Chariot. 28mm Gripping Beast

Review on TMP     Available at Gripping Beast


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     How to paint an Elephant:

     Seleucid War Elephant 28mm


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      Historicon Games & Tournaments

      AtG Imperial Meltdown 2004

      OrcCon04     Kublacon04

      Antigonid WAB Macedonian Army

      Alexander:  the movie



   Warhammer Alexander the Great  

   Philip and the young Alexander scout the Greek battleline
    at  the battle of Chaeronea 338 BC

      Alexander the Great Clarifications & Unnoficial Errata

      Alexander the Great FAQ's    

      Alexander the Great Materials & Links

      Alexander the Great & AoA in tournaments

       Giuseppe Rava painted the dynamic cover art for the Warhammer Ancient Battles, Alexander the Great supplement.
Check out his Military art prints, book cover art, and box art for  many Italerai and Zvezda 20mm models. See his work at:

     A very old phalangite...

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     An amazing Alexander the Great 30mm+  figure from Spain!

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      The Macedonian Army Gallery

      The Xyston


   The Rise of Ancient Macedon  


      The Origins of Macedonian Tactics

      Philip's Conquest of Greece

      Chaeronea the Decisive Clash


   Alexander's Battles   

      Vendel Macedonian Figure Sizes

      Granicus      Gaugamela      Megalopolis

      The Campaign and Battle of Issus

      Alexander in India

      Alexander's Army in WAB

      Orders of Battle

   Battle Reports  

      Thunder Down Under    Successor battles in Perth, Australia


         Greek Armies  

      Gorgon Spartans

      Heroes of Ancient Greece  

      Greek Mercenary Army List

      Painting Greek Mercenaries


    Scythians and Nomads  

      Into the Land of Bones,  Alexander's Afghanistan campaign

      Scythians or Skythians


   Later Achaemenid Persia  

      An AtG Persian army at Orcon 2011

      Some Persian troops in photos

      Darius III's War Chariot

      Battlestandard 28mm Later Persian Miniatures

      Kardakes or Cardaces?



   The Indian Army    

      Vince Salvato's Indians (Simply the finest!)

      Indian Elephants

      Indian costume in Mauryan and Sunga periods  (link)

      Tim Haslam's Vendel Indians

      Brand NEW Aventine 28mm Indian elephant crews:


   Thrace and Illyria  

  Excellent Thracians with superb cloaks:

  Thracians re enactors:


  Later Thracian mercenaries fight for King Perseus of Macedonia,
Relic, Newline Designs, Crusader, and Old Glory 28mm


   Successors of Alexander  

   Thorakites and Thureophoroi

      Old Glory, A&A, and Newline 28mm Thureophoroi ...
Don't forget these models are good stuff!

    28mm Aetolian Javelinmen
      A&A Aetolians, famous Hellenistic Greek era skirmishe
rs ...

      Galatian Raiders

Galatian small
 28mm Relic Galatians

      Syrian Wars Part One

Successor Army Tests

      Phalanx vs. Legion in WAB

      Ptolemaic Successor Elephants

      Bactrian Armies

      Jim Clarke's Parthians

      Joe Derocher's Early Successors

      1st Corps Ptolemaic figures

 Epirote Army
      Tony Edwards makes an excellent Pyrrhic presentation!

      Epirote Army List
      Includes AB files by Richard Evers

      The Battle of Heraclea
      Epirote vs. Rome battle scenario

      Pyrrhus in Sicily

      Vendel 28mm Epirote elephant

      The Army of Antigonos 1st  (Monopthalmos)
      a 1500-2000 WAB Illustrated army list circa 2001

   Warhammer Ancient Battles  
(Out of print, but still being played!)

Discussion Topics:

WAB rides again  2017?

      Spartan Drill     War Machines

      War Elephants     Fall of the West Notes

      Jervis Johnson's  WAB Errata

      Warhammer Ancient Battles Official Errata


      WAB: army ideas for new players

      Building a miniature ancient wargame army

Link is dead... fitting.




Aventine 28mm tent banner of Eumenes Cult of Alexander 317 BC.




        See the "Cage Match of Empires" at:

      WS&S 91 217 BC - The ancient world at war


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   Coming soon Elephant Raphia rampage


    28mm Relic Miniatures super new resin Seleucid war elephant
                   alongside Aventine's and Polemarch's fine models.

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      Elephantarchia: The game of elephants

Raphia small jjonas

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     Relevant to WSS issue 91:

      June 217 BC Ptolemy IV vs. Antiochus III

       Relic Miniature's award winning Antiochus III in  29mm


        Antiochus III and Ptolemy IV side by side

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   Ancient Syrian Wars, get the latest campaign news
(with apologies to the people of Syria on all sides suffering
           the worst kind of war. War without end).

                                                         28mm Aventine Macedonian Commander

     Latest Ancient Syrian Wars report (a few years back)

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      Antigonos Monophthalmos 28mm Polemarch
     The greatest of Alexander's Successors, laid low at Ipsus in 301 BC

     Be sure to check out Simon Miller's
     impressive Ipsus game using the "To The Strongest" ruleset!

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     Pyrrhus of Epirus 28mm Wargames Foundry
     The gambler king from Epirus, he took on Rome and the world!

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    ROME on the march!
  Roman armies and campaigns



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Barbara Jonas memorial page

     The late, and missed,
    Allen Curtis talks about projects on

Samuel Unitt and the soldiers
of the CEF World War One

Dan Green
Veteran of Patton's Third Army

Heine Baekkelund
wargamer and friend

Rick Johnson
An inspired person and a inspiring talent.





Macedonian soldiers from the Agios Athanasios Tumulus.
They wear painted helmets and carry colored shields embossed with geometric patterns known as Macedonian stars and crescents.





Leonidas in 60mm by Conte from the toy rack at Brookhurst Hobbies.

Darius III jjonas

Darius III and his retinue occupy a favored space in my miniature cabinet!


New rules sets of interest to the Alexandrian gamer!

To The Strongest review:

Swordpoint reviews:


Hydaspes Photo Slide Show
Jeff and Marcia's Photos

I'm very proud of my work on the Slingshot Battle of Hydaspes Gameday issue 297.
 I was especially honored to be featured alongside my mentor and idol Duncan Head.
 Who has inspired me all these years of miniature collection and gaming this era.
 It was a great collaboration.

I must say it is such a priveledge,a nad great fortune to be part of such a group:

  • Alexander's Army at the Hydaspes, by Duncan Head
  • The Ancient Indian Army of Poros, by Jeff Jonas
  • Commands & Colors on the Tabletop (2) by Steven Neate
  • Emperors, Elephants and Electronic Discussions, by David Kay
  • The Elephant in the Room, by Mark Fry
  • An Anglo-Irish Urban Militia, by Mick Hession
  • When Caesar's Away, the Gauls Will Play, by Chris Hahn
  • The Classical Indian Archer, by Richard Lockwood



Marcia photographed the cover shot of Poros.
Figures by Newline Designs and 1st Corps.


Aventine 28mm Ptolemaic Banner on the left.
On the right, a 28nm Vendel miniature in Seleucid stylings.